reason #18

The boy likes bowling. And he especially likes bowling on $1 Mondays — which fill up fast. He did warn me that he would be leaving at exactly 8:50, but his clock is two minutes slow, so I thought I had time for a wardrobe change. (I needed to put on jeans, though — who goes bowling in a dress??) At 8:50 he charged out the door & told me he was leaving. I finished getting dressed, rushed out to the parking lot — and he’d already driven a loop around it to make a point. I was 3 minutes late.

This meant the boy was mad at me for the first half of the game. And it was during the first half of the game that, somehow, after managing countless gutter balls, I got a strike!

The boy, holding a grudge — and being competitive — couldn’t be happy for me. While everyone else high-fived me, the boy observed that “even a blind squirrel sometimes finds a nut.”

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