reason #7

He cheats at scrabble.

Saturday my roommate & I got the boy involved in a game of scrabble — only the second game of scrabble he’s ever played. His strategy is to psychologically manipulate the other players with made up words, or words that look like they’ve been made up. One was “GI” for 3 points: doing a cost benefit analysis, none of us wanted to potentially lose a turn if it was in fact a word. It was kind of his own funeral — 3 points is nothing to brag about.

But then he put down “LARIAT,” and suggested it probably wasn’t the right spelling. We checked and — it was the right spelling.

Same with “KADI.”

And at some point we looked at his laptop screen: the boy had gone to a site called scrabulizer, and had RECREATED THE ENTIRE BOARD AND GOTTEN SUGGESTIONS FOR WHAT TO PUT DOWN.

I remembered the boy telling a story about how he used to cheat at Monopoly with his grandmother, and it all made sense.

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